A Blog, really?

Yeah I am back at it again.

My old site which was fairly out of date and just sitting there taking up digital space. I keep saying to “myself I should update this”, or “Gee I wish I had a place to explain my point of view and talk about new cool technologies I keep finding”.

I do have that place! I have had that domain for almost 7 years now.

Facebook, twitter and Instagram are all great platforms but rarely do they allow for any type verbose explanation other than “Hey check this out!”

What will likely follow is some discussions about technology, rugby, physical & mental training, a DIY project or 2 and maybe even a quick article about guns and shooting if I can manage them.

I will also be making some videos to go along with some of the written material. Today making a video is no where near the gear grinding challenge that it use to be, and it is the reason I got into computers in the first place.

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