I am sitting at my desk Monday morning and my hamstrings are so sore and tight that I swear they feel as though they will snap like overstretched rubber bands if I stand up one more time. My skin is sunburned from working in the back yard with no shirt and I am dehydrated.

I spent my weekend in Katy’s blazing hot sun building another project. This was my 1st of many weekends building in the backyard. I will post the rest of the stuff I have built soon

Somerset All Cedar Swing Play-set

On June 2nd a large heavy box was dropped off in my driveway.

Box O' Stuff

Box O’ Stuff

The marking on it was nondescript so I did not mind that they did not put the tarp over it like I had requested.

Johnny showed up a little before we got done with dinner. We opened the box and then tried to get the parts out and at least make it light enough to carry to the back yard.

We started with the “IDEA” that Johnny had one similar and he said he had put his together in about 4 or 5 hours. With that in mind attacked the project and looked forward to finishing around 10. I mean why not? Come on we got 2 guys and we can both read and use a hammer…..

Wrong, the set comes with a bunch of small parts and unless you are farmilar with them and how the designer in China wrote the instruction manual, it gets real confusing real quick.

The next day, with just the outside frame finished the arm for the swing set, I reevaluated.

We jumped right into building the frame. We should have done 2 things different.

Laid out but not right

Laid out but not right

1.    Laid out all the like number pieces together and lay out the bolts/nuts/screws on a table.
⁃    this is essential if you do not do this you end up spending allot of time looking through the pieces for the right E8 or M14 numbered piece. As the night wears on you loose patience and sunlight….
2.    Completed the first couple of ancillary pieces.
⁃    The slide rock wall and the stairs contain allot of small and large pieces that when you get them out of the way, makes the proceeding steps easier.

So the second day I took things a little slower and worked on just the slide, rock wall and stairs. The amount of loose pieces floating around was reduced.

The next night Chris came over and we got the whole thing sorted out. We put the floor boards in on the second floor and all the fancy pieces around the windows and put the tent piece on. Finally we bolted the A frame for the swings, I did not tighten them down all the way I just got them started.

The next morning I was Saturday and I was up at 8 am working on the play set, cause I WANTED IT FINISHED!



Anna and Sara, came out every 5 minutes to see if they could play on it but there was still too much too do. Eric was his usual unhelpful self. I mean he did for some time try, but he lacked a bunch of tools like resilience, determination and ass. He was trying to screw something into the frame, and just did not have the ass to put behind the screw gun and force it home.  I can’t really blame him it was not something he was interested in.
Either way, around 12 I had the A frame leveled, and every one of the points anchored down.
Finally it was ready, I cleaned up the tools and the girls played.
It has been great to have this in the backyard. I wish we let the neighborhood kids in the back yard more but we will work on that.

All together it was a good investment, lessons learned and lots of fun to put together.